Client Requirements

  • Transforming the chemical regulatory requirements to standardized databases
  • Research on chemical groupings as applicable to cosmetics/food contact/drug regulations
  • The project required an experienced Chemical Database Specialist with a master's degree in Chemistry having a strong foundation in organic, inorganic and reaction chemistry, including chemical nomenclature, structures, formulae and families.
  • Researching and updating chemical family databases
  • Identifying appropriate chemical identifier (eg. CAS RNs)

Our Solution

  • IDS deployed a qualified Chemical Database Specialist as per the project requirements for the pilot process
  • CAS based search and compilation of physicochemical properties of various chemicals for creating new client data bases as per Work orders
  • Generic Work - researching for individual chemical compounds under specific group of chemicals
  • Review of chemical regulatory data and presentation of same as per client's requirements
  • Providing scientific and analytical expertise as and when required by the client
  • Daily work requires strong professional discretion and scientific judgment required to make decisions regarding the identity of chemicals, the appropriateness of chemical families and the representation of regulatory and scientific data in different database formats. Work includes:
  • Updation of existing client databases for chemicals according to different chemical regulations for various countries
  • Testing databases for chemicals on Beta server before going live for client's customers
  • Research & expansion of chemical families according to chemical identifiers
  • Regular interactions with client through WebEx conference calls for receipt of work orders and assessment of assigned task

Client Feedback

The high-grade research, analysis and evaluations returned by the IDS team for the project has further strengthened ongoing business relations resulting in expansion of team and enhancement of research services for the client.
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