The client is a leading provider of environment, health and safety (EH&S) compliance and information management services in USA.

Client Requirements

The client was looking for a reliable vendor partner for outsourcing their fire code classification (FCC) services. Client project requirements mandated that:
  • Vendor should have previous exposure to proving (M)SDS services and should have skilled staff with background and understanding to subjectively evaluate the documents based on client rules.
  • The accuracy of classified data should be 98 percent and above. TAT requirement was 24 hours for daily batches with less than 200 products and 48 hours for daily batches with 200-1000 products.
  • Hazardous information is listed throughout the (M)SDS, so a thorough reading is necessary in order to classify correctly. Vendor staff should be able to classify the (M)SDS correctly based on all the hazard statements made by the manufacturer regarding the properties and hazards of the material and to assign Health, Fire and Reactivity and PPE rating for each of the product which can be solid, liquid, gas, aerosol or powder.
  • The vendor was expected to have infrastructure in place to scale up as per ramp up plan leading up to fifteen thousand documents per month.

Our Solution

  • Experienced staff with necessary qualifications and background were identified. All team members were Chemistry graduates. A comprehensive interactive training program was worked out with the client to train team to analyze and classify documents for- Health hazards such as carcinogen, toxicity, sensitizers, mutagen and irritants; Fire hazards such as flammability, combustibility and aerosol level; Reactive hazards such as organic peroxide levels, unstable reactive levels, water reactivity levels and oxidizer levels and personal protective equipment (PPE) levels to verify that their NFPA and HMIS ratings are correctly applied.
  • Following success of the pilot, live work was scaled up as per agreed upon ramp up plan. The classification process is carried out over the client's on-line tool. Currently IDS has built up capacity to classify up to 15000 documents per month at agreed SLA.
  • Training was followed by a limited volume paid pilot for three months.
  • IDS implemented a two stage process. First stage staff review and analyze each (M)SDS document for manufacturer statements regarding properties and hazards of the material. The document is then classified by assigning Health, Fire and Reactivity ratings per client specifications. Second stage QC staff carries out one hundred percent quality check of classified documents to ensure the quality.

Client Feedback

IDS team is consistently meeting and exceeding all client SLA parameters!!
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