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Client Requirements

  • A suitable vendor partner for researching and capturing food compliance regulatory data into client database format. The project responsibilities included:

    • Characterization of groupings within Food Additives and Food Flavorings, Food Ingredients and Food Contact
    • Capturing Regulatory knowledge and requirements as standardized databases
    • Identifying appropriate chemical identifiers (e.g. CAS RNs)
  • The project required a food scientist with a master's degree in Food Sciences with a strong foundation in organic and inorganic chemistry including chemical structures and families; strong food regulatory knowledge with a good experience of working with food additives, flavorings and food contact materials

Our Solution

  • IDS deployed a qualified Food Sciences Specialist as per the project requirements
  • Nature of Work:

    • Daily interactions with client through WebEx conference calls; receipt of client work orders; and assessment of assigned tasks
    • Capturing and restructuring of the data and generic work on the captured data using client editing tools to produce MS Access output format files for various countries
    • Captured data often consists of regulatory limits from different countries for food additives, food ingredients, food flavorings, metal contaminants, pesticide residues, food veterinary drug contaminants, microbiological contaminants, environmental contaminants, radioactive contaminants etc.
    • The regulatory data is captured in a format with field entries like additive/ingredient name, CAS number, application name, functional class name, maximum and minimum thresholds, notes, restrictions and qualifiers from client specified regulatory sources
    • Captured data is restructured according to client's template and proofing of the captured data is done before releasing it to client global Food & Flavor regulatory compliance check tool
    • Another part of the workflow (generic work) comprises of capturing sub entries of various family or group names of ingredients and additives along with their source standard document numbers for different countries. This eventually helps a food manufacturer to observe complete specifics of a particular ingredient or additive family name and to adjudge suitability of their product for these different countries
    • Daily task tracking sheet is uploaded to client listing task-wise time

Client Feedback

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