The client is one of world’s leading provider of data and information services which enable companies to improve compliance with Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) regulations and supply chain obligations through the entire lifecycle of chemicals and products.

Client Requirements

The client was looking for a reliable vendor partner for their (M)SDS indexation services.
  • The vendor should have the necessary infrastructure and staff with understanding and exposure to chemical knowledge to carry out the indexing of different types of (M)SDS. Vendor staff should be able to index the (M)SDS document correctly for various fields like Synonyms, Product numbers, Product use, CAS ID, Ingredients, Physical & Chemical properties, Transport, WHMIS, R&S Phrases, Handling & Storage, First Aid, PPE from the nine sections of MSDS.
  • With the coming of GHS, which replaced the various classification and labeling standards used in different countries, The vendor was expected to index the SDS documents with infrastructure in place to scale up to indexing thirty thousand documents per month.
  • The accuracy of indexing should be 97 percent or more at field level.

Our Solution

  • All the team members were hired as science and chemistry graduates. A comprehensive interactive training program was worked out with mutual consent of client.
  • IDS staff was trained to study the 16 sections of SDS so as to extract/key the necessary data for filling in various fields under the client tool tabs namely - Identification, Ingredients, Physical Properties, Transport, Regulatory, First Aid, Handling and storage and PPE.
  • IDS implemented a two stage process. The first stage reviews and analyzes each document in detail and indexes it by extracting data to enter into client software. A second stage carries out random QA of the documents indexed to ensure quality. Any new staff is associated with a mentor who checks her/his work 100 % until qualification as 'Qualified' staff
  • The client online tool is deployed on citrix based connections. The Citrix login licenses were provided by client.
  • Following the success of pilot, the live work was scaled up as per agreed ramp up plan. IDS team built up monthly capacity to index up to 30000 documents at agreed SLA.
  • IDS staff learnt GHS regulation compliance and successfully supported client ramp up. IDS currently provide indexing services for English and French language documents.

Client Feedback

The client is delighted with the progress and has assured further ramp up of volumes!!
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