The client is one of the leading providers of environment, health and safety (EH&S) compliance and information management services in the USA.

Client Requirements

The client was looking for a reliable vendor partner for outsourcing their (M)SDS web obtainment and renewal services.
  • The workload shall be assigned biweekly in batches comprising manufacturer products on client's online tool to vendor staff on client provided licensed Citrix connections. Vendor staff shall search manufacturer sites for each product and verify existence of the (M)SDS for same. If there is no previous M(SDS) associated with product, same is to be obtained by downloading it and further updating it in client's online application. For renewal requests, old (M)SDS are available in client database and vendor staff has to verify latest version of the (M)SDS. In case the attached (M)SDS is of older version, same is to be downloaded and revised with latest version. If correct (M)SDS is not available, vendor designates product as "Not Found".
  • Errors will be declared based on whether incorrect MSDS was selected or no MSDS was declared found (or revised) even if it was available. The accuracy of searched documents should be 90 percent plus.
  • Completed work state is attained when any of the following conditions has been achieved:

    • Correct (M)SDS has been obtained and attached to the proper record
    • Obtained (M)SDS matches the existing (M)SDS and the existing (M)SDS has been verified as the most current
    • Client system has been updated with information that the (M)SDS is not available on the website
  • The vendor was expected to have infrastructure in place to scale up as per ramp up plan leading up to thirty thousand documents per month.

Our Solution

  • Experienced IDS staff with necessary qualifications and background was identified. All team members were having good net surfing skills. A comprehensive interactive training program was worked out with mutual consent of client.
  • Based on the good quality of IDS work, volume was scaled up as per agreed upon ramp up plan. Currently IDS team has built up the capacity to search up to 22000 documents per month at agreed SLA.
  • IDS trained their staff for searching different types of (M)SDS in different formats, languages and for different countries.

Client Feedback

IDS have consistently met the quality and productivity guidelines of the client!!
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