Supply chain compliance review services provided for one of the world’s largest confectionary, food, beverages and snacks company with presence in nearly 160 countries.

Client Requirements

  • The client required to ensure that the “Document of Compliance (DoC)” received from their various vendors for food contact materials were in compliance to the country/ region where their food products were being sold.

Our Solution

  • IDS deployed trained Food contact material specialists to audit the provided DoC’s.
  • Nature of Work:
  • IDS resources checked provided supplier declarations of compliance to ensure information was correctly mentioned for supplier information, material information, food type , issue date, food regulations, ingredients, overall and specific migration limits and that the provided data were supported by test results .
  • Based on the review, IDS staff gave their reasoning about compliance and non-compliance of DoC for mentioned countries and food type. 3000+ documents from vendors located all over the world went through multiple review rounds. As a result, client has achieved over 97% compliance of their vendor DoC’s.

Client Feedback

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