The rapidly growing IDS regulatory research team comprises entirely of domain specialists with Masters and PhD degrees in Toxicology, Food Sciences and Chemistry. Our services include:

  • Support in hazard identification and usage of hazardous products through risk assessment;
  • Assuring marketability of client products, by classification according to CLP /GHS and other regulations;
  • Support with identification of restrictions on a specific market;
  • Product label review services;
  • Identification of any registration or notification requirements for substances and mixtures in a specific market; and
  • Specialist scientific research services for food compliance, toxicological assessment and other chemical regulatory requirements – assisting in dossier preparation, data gap analysis, review and analysis of physicochemical, ecotoxicology and toxicological data, CSA/CSR preparation, human and environmental exposure scenarios (ES) and Risk Assessment

IDS Specialist Research Services

Toxicological Regulatory Research Services

Services comprise of regulatory data evaluation/regulatory reviews to analyze chemical compositions to determine hazards and risks classification along with reading text and summarizing reports of toxicology data, database research, data management, literature search and review.

Our Services:

  • Acute toxicological studies – oral, dermal and inhalation toxicity, dermal and ocular irritation, and skin sensitization;
  • Reproductive and chronic toxicology screening studies – Risk assessment of repro toxicants; screening to OECD standards
  • Exposure Scenarios – Inhalational exposure analysis
  • Genetic studies
  • Ecotoxicology studies
  • In-house database preparation and updation (PNEC, DNEL, vPvB, In Vitro & In Vivo strains, endocrine disruptors)

Food Compliance Regulatory Research Services

IDS food compliance specialists assist our clients in researching regulatory knowledge and requirements for their food products, beverages, food contacts and flavors. Services include among others, capturing of regulatory knowledge and compliance requirements from countries around the world; characterization of groupings within food additives and food flavorings, food ingredients and food contact and identifying appropriate chemical identifiers.

Our Services:

  • Food product regulatory compliance services for additives, ingredients and contaminants for over 35 countries around the world
  • Harmonizing food additive regulations across the Globe
  • Classifying the generic groups among the captured regulatory data (e.g. Vitamins, alcohols, cereals etc.)
  • Proofing and restructuring existing regulatory data on client database

Chemical Regulatory Research services

IDS specialists assist in regulatory research related to chemical groupings as applicable to cosmetics/food contact/drug regulations and capturing chemical regulatory requirements as standard bases.

Our Services:

  • CAS based research and compilation of properties of various chemicals for physicochemical studies as per global standards requirements
  • Researching for individual chemical compounds under specific group of chemicals
  • Providing and updating existing regulatory information for chemicals from countries around the world

Product Label Review Services

Our regulatory consultants assist clients in introduction of their chemical product including household chemical products and personal care products, into specified country market by reviewing the product label information against the information mandated on the label as per target country market regulations. Service includes detailed report on the label information including Gap analysis with recommendations for:

  • Formulation, detailing any symbols and regulatory text/hazard text/warnings (local/international language)
  • Ingredients concentration, usage, storage, volume/wt., package compliance etc.
  • Our chemical product labeling services support Consumer, Industrial and cosmetics labels

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