Ensuring EH&S compliance management through SDS and regulatory research services


Since 2004, IDS have been providing EH&S management and control services to global compliance and information management consultancy service providers. IDS specialize in providing a broad range of regulatory compliance services including specialist research/consultancy services along with multilingual MSDS/SDS management services. IDS regulatory compliance services have assisted their clients in building and maintaining comprehensive enriched compliance content aimed at providing intelligent solutions to enhance chemicals compliance, product safety, workplace safety, supply chain compliance and R&D decision support. Our solutions cover industry chemicals, cosmetics, food and beverages, food contact, flavors, preservatives, personal care products, household chemical items and consumer goods.

All our services are provided by highly qualified, trained and experienced industry professionals. IDS are ISO 9001:2015 certified since last 10+ years. The combined emphasis on quality and technical excellence, enforced through continuous training, internal audit programs and proactive communications ensures that our domain staff works together with client teams to produce work of the highest standard to meet all your EH&S compliance and control requirements.

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Our Services

IDS has been providing SDS services to Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance and information management services companies in the USA, EU, Canada for over 15 years.

Our rapidly growing regulatory research team comprises domain specialists with Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Toxicology, Food Sciences, and Chemistry. Our experts provide Chemical regulatory compliance research services to our clients.

IDS chemical management and control services enhance clients business by assisting in meeting regulatory requirements for import, registration, storage, transportation, sales, disposal, and any other country-specific regulations for hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, including industrial chemicals, consumer and household chemicals, cosmetics, pesticides, and personal care products in multiple geographies - Gulf, Middle East, US, UK, Latin America, EU, CJK, ASEAN, and South Asia.

Additionally, IDS Network services provide an opportunity for our customers to get their plant protection and biocidal products tested for satisfying EU regulations such as BPR. For these services, IDS cooperates with experienced international partners.

Regulatory Research and Reporting Services

The rapidly growing IDS regulatory research team comprises entirely of domain specialists with Masters and PhD degrees in Toxicology, Food Sciences...

SDS Management Services

IDS specialize in providing MSDS/SDS (safety data sheet) obtainment, renewal, classification and full indexing multilingual services for global chemical regulatory compliance...

Our Team

IDS regulatory compliance team works in close cooperation with clients located in different countries across continents. Our highly qualified and experienced profesionals support clients in their Chemicals regulatory requirements by providing SDS management and specialist scientific research services.

Client Testimonials

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